10 Best Things to do in Rome

Best Things to do in Rome

In this city, you can enjoy the charm of architecture, the beauty of culture and the glamour of art. Rome; the capital of Italy; is a cosmopolitan city where all sorts of beauty found their shelter. Only digging in the history of this old city can explain to you why it is majestically beautiful. Different are the Roman emperors, who contributed to the building of its palaces, monuments and religious sites. Thanks to Rome’s glorious sights and sites it is deemed as one of the top visited tourist destinations in Europe. As a historical city, Rome puts at your disposal a myriad of tourist attractions to enjoy. If you are passionate about travelling you should pay it a visit, it’s an exceptional city. Do these 10 best things to do in Rome, and be a smart traveller!

1. Saint Peter’s Square

This gigantic square was built in the seventeenth century by Bernini. You might have heard about the beauty of the smallest country in the world-the Vatican-in this country- within a country- there is St Peter’s Square. The square is a historical landmark par excellence. On its stunning and huge colonnades stand outstanding statues of religious figures. There is an Obelisk standing in the middle of the square which gives the impression of being in Egypt rather than Rome. There are other things to di and see in the square of Saint Peter, which will amaze you.

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