10 Jobs That Pay You to Travel

10 Jobs That Pay You to Travel

If you are that sort of people who put snags in their life by their hands, then you are a genius. Why should you complicate what is simply not intricate? Why should you minimize your expenses just to spend four or five days in a place that has become as casual as your bed? If you dream about wondering and exploring the world without taking out a loan or minimizing your expenses then here you are reading on about the 10 jobs that pay you to travel.

Travel Photographer

If you are constantly hugging your camera taking pictures here and there and posting them on your Instagram or facebook wall waiting for your virtual friends’ comments such as: “Oh dude you’re talented!” “Nice capture” Then you know how to dawdle away your whole life. If you yearn for taking sweet shots and you adore visiting exotic places constantly then there is no time to dilly-dally. There are some recruiters who are seeking your talent. So apply to get a job as travel photographer, you have the chance to visit amazing places around the world; to meet different people and immerse in various cultures; all that with an income.

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NGOs Volunteer

Bah oui, you can check the job offers of many NGOs they are offering job opportunities in different occasions in the year in order to hire interested people in volunteering. Most of the time the work of the volunteer will be waged; especially doctors and nurses; if you are one all what it would take is few hours to find a medical program send your application, nail it and go helping needy individuals, visiting sweet places and a get a wage for that.

English Teacher

There are actually a lot of bachelor’s holders who are dreaming about teaching and passing their knowledge about the English language to other people. However, it might be unreachable in New York or California as there are thousands who are ready to teach English. Hey! You are also passionate about travelling? So hurry to apply for English teachers jobs in the most outstanding parts of the world like Asia. These programs in most of the times guarantee you all the accommodation, a wealthy wallet and a healthy atmosphere to teach in.

Airlines Hosts and Hostess

Airline companies are constantly posting job opportunities for young graduated to work as hosts and hostess. Why would you miss this chance if you love hitting the road? Here are daily flight tickets guaranteed for you, be competitive and competent to get it in your pocket. It would be an outstanding and unmatched occasion for you to take shots and selfies in different cities or countries as well as to come back home with some money.

5. WOOFers

Nature lovers, travel seekers and income wishers will all agree on choosing Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms woofing as the greatest travel job ever. In fact, the overwhelming majority of organic farms owners don’t pay you back for your work but they surely provide you with generous accommodation. You still can try out your chance there some generous farmers who are keenly paying woofers. If no don’t think to bemoan they will allow you a lot of time to look for another part time income source.

6. Consultant

Working with host agencies or travel companies is always an enjoyable thing when considering the many travel opportunities you will benefit of for free. Don’t think twice before submitting you application; especially if you are wondering where to spend your summer holiday. Wonders of travel seem to come in bunches with travel consulting jobs.

7. Cruise Ships

Who would ever know if you are a cruise ship worker or a tourist who bought his dearest car to go on a touristic journey on a ship! Choose cruise ships or private yachts to work in and travel by at the same time: that would make an intelligent out of you. Getting rid of your poor wallet and leaving your boring bed for mesmerizing places in different countries.

8. Au Pair

This is the best and the right choice for those who long for travelling and living with a family at the same time. Many people especially English speakers prey on this kind of travel jobs. It’s the sort of jobs that might be ideal if the choice of the family is made smartly. You may have countless benefits just to look for two or three kids, play with them and tell them stories to fall asleep.

9. Tour Guide

If you feel yourself sophisticated enough to guide a groups or groups of people who are eager to spend and enjoy their excursions and holidays joyfully, this travel job is the best for you; especially if you have some qualifications and you can chew some languages. There are different websites which can guide you to be tour guide and guide some money to your pocket.

10. Brand Ambassadors

Many are brand owners who are offering exceptional advantages for the chosen candidates to represent them in different countries and cities. You should be smart and competitive to get this job because there are many others applying to be paid, take off for free just to tell the story of a brand, it feels like gossiping and getting an income for it.


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