Top 10 things to do in Istanbul

10 things to do in Istanbul

Istanbul is often referred to as the point where the East meets the West. It is the only city in the world that is built on two continents Asia and Europe. The Bosporus Strait is an internationally important waterway which divides the city into two and separates between its two parts; the European part and the Asian part. You will certainly spend most of your time on the European side, as it is the part where the historic and commercial districts are. Several historical areas of Istanbul have been classified as UNESCO World Heritage. The city of Istanbul is absolutely worth visiting during a trip to Turkey. If you are wondering about the most important things to do there here is a list of the top 10 things to do in Istanbul.

1. Minia Turk Park

Visit the unbelievable Minya Turk Park which from its name you can understand that it is the small Turkey. Although young in name it is historically speaking old enough to have many sculptures of the most important monuments from different provinces of Turkey. It is not only Istanbul; you will see the features of Kabdokia, Pamukkale and many of Turkey’s rural areas and mini waterfalls. The park also has a restaurant, café, shopping centre and children’s playgrounds, so Minia Turk Park is the first in Istanbul for Turkish and foreign tourists. It will give you a short trip around Turkey. It is the sweetest summary you will read in your life.

Miniaturk Park istanbul

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