20 Best Budget-friendly Honeymoon Destinations for Memorable Moments

Best Budget-friendly Honeymoon Destinations for Memorable Moments

Everyone longs to visit tourist destinations which they can later splurge on; especially people who travel just once or twice a year. Whatever is your reason behind travelling and no matter how far you are travelling you will always travel with the hope to spend unforgettable moments. But wait! This is for ordinary travellers, what about newlyweds who plan to lunch their married life with love and intimate moments. As a new couple, you should not overlook the importance of a honeymoon; it might be more important than the wedding event itself; as it is a period to relieve the stress you go through before the wedding event and a time to reflect upon the coming life. So start planning for your honeymoon and choose our destination among the following 20 best budget-friendly honeymoon destinations for memorable moments. In one’s life there is merely one honeymoon, so don’t put it off.

1. Cebu

This Philippian Island will show you the real meaning of hospitality and tourism due to its amazing food, views, weather and people.


2. Puerto Rico

This is where you will certainly live memorable and romantic moments and experience all the cultures of the world at once.

Puerto Rico Honeymoon destination

3. Tulum

Tulum is Mexico’s romantic spot where serenity lies and real turquoise waters exist.

Tulum Honeymoon destination

4. Nicaragua

If you plan to visit Costa Rica don’t miss this inexpensive and outstanding country of volcanoes, lakes and great beaches.

Nicaragua Honeymoon destination

5. Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a great honeymoon destination thanks to the tremendous things and excursions one can enjoy; especially in the seaside.

Laguna Beach

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