20 Ways to Travel for Free

20 Ways to Travel for Free

The quote “Move you are not a tree” travelled a lot throughout social media platforms long since. Without a slight doubt, all social media dwellers and users have come across this quote before. Many were inspired by its meaning, run to the nearest map and throw a dart to pick their next direction. You are, perhaps, one of those who thought badly about the quote, thinking that travelling is not within everybody’s reach. Stop checking your wallet constantly, it apparently doesn’t give babies! Waywardly, never stop thinking about the beautiful selfies you can take in the mesmerizing places you dream about. It’s high time for the belief saying: No money no travelling to go to the trash of oblivion why not? If there are 20 ways to travel for free. Because there is always a way, with these 20 ways, you certainly won’t need to cut corners you will merely need to read it carefully pick one or more, it’s all free, then travel but please don’t forget to carry your poor wallet, it might end up rich. Here are the 20 ways to travel for free.

1. Go For Volunteering

If you are a lover of free social services then here you are! Almost everywhere around the globe, there are some volunteer organizations who are constantly looking for people like you, eager to travel and keen to volunteer, in order to help them achieve their goals. Here is some good news! They don’t expect you to have some metaphysical skills, whatever skills you possess you are still eligible as long as they can help others like lingual ones, if you are ready to show commitment then hurry to contact a concerned organization or apply for a language-immersion program anywhere on earth to enjoy the free flight tickets and maybe accommodation.

Go for volunteerin

2. Be on Journeys with Organic Farms

If you haven’t heard about WWOOF movement before, then here is a chance to! It’s a worldwide movement which is always thirsty for people who love to help owners of organic farms with their daily tasks. It will be a great occasion for you to acquire some knowledge about lifestyle in the farms as well as digging into others’ cultures smoothly.

Be on Journeys with Organic Farms

3. Make it Cheap with a Scholarship

Do blindly believe that there are not just study scholarships but also travel scholarships. Lovers of travel are in most of the times adventures seekers, y’all are ones? Okay, venture upon the different and competitive travel abroad scholarships. It’s all about sending an application to one of the programs that provide funding for anyone willing to study overseas or to volunteer.

4. Go For the Rural

If you live in a big city like New York or Los Angeles and you got a humble bank account never feel blue, big cities are demanding if you want to go on trips this is why you must be intelligent to choose the rural over the urban. Pick a mesmerizing rural area, buy a sleeping bag and enjoy the healthy atmosphere while keeping a wealthy wallet.

5. Be Au Pair and Get There

Au pair working is exactly the kind of jobs that will definitely help you kick off your overseas travelling dream. Nothing complicates it! All that it takes is some skills and efficiency to find a family who is looking for someone who adores travelling and loves kids as that’s all why they will need you; to look after their kids meanwhile you will need them to get a myriad of advantages like free accommodations. The company Au Pair World helps connect host families with potential Au Pairs

6. Get a Ride with Hitchhiking

It could be an exceptionally good travelling journey, full of fun experience . Think about a bunch of cities that you would love to discover and hitch a cheap –why not a free- ride, as long as there are some generous riders. It doesn’t require more than some determination and a thumped up finger to travel wherever you want.

7. Housesitting a way to travel and Earn

Eh voilà! Here is the greatest way ever for anyone looking forward to travel and get some money when on vacation. It is seriously not to be missed or neglected you must consider it. There are plenty of websites that offer house sitting matching services; it helps you meet house owners around the globe who need someone reliable and ready to take care of their home or pet.

8. Host finding for Couch Surfing

Passionate people about travelling always find ways to cheer up. Be a smart traveller and surf on Couch surfing websites, read carefully the profiles of the hosts it suggest, contact one and here you go on travel experience with fewer expenses and a lot of benefits.

9. Teach English

Here is a sneaky tricky way to be able to travel the most exciting places in the world. Native speakers of English, as well as TEFL qualifications holders, have in fact multiple amazing opportunities to travel abroad for the goal of teaching English as a foreign language. There are several platforms that will help you hunt such job to travel and earn simultaneously.

10. Work Exchange

The world is a cool place to live in if you are a fool. Yeah! This is absolutely a crazy and intelligent way to travel the world for free. There is a bunch of programs that allow you to get free accommodations, a warm bed and yummy food in exchange for a few hours of work per day. In a nutshell, as a traveller, you will be the winner as you will be doing some tasks, somewhere in the world, which you daily and monotonously do at you home without globetrotting.
WWOOF is an opportunity to work on organic farms around the world in exchange for free housing and food

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