About Us

Hi; now or future; earth trekker! Thank you for being curious to know a bit about Happy to Travel.

To cut a long story short, it is that one which believes in the power of travel. Gallivanting is that magic wand which is capable of fighting your routine and making your life exciting. Accordingly, Happy to Travel happily seeks to inspire those with a limited travel budget, limited vacation time, and even those with limited envy to hit the roads. As travel is an adventure and a learning style, we long to make it much easier and more enjoyable for you. Therefore; we provide you with all the smart tips to get in touch with the world smartly. We guide you on how to travel peacefully, starting from packs packing to spreading your tablecloth somewhere in the globe. Here, you will easily learn about travel tips, activities, top 10 and travel guides, which all collude to help you get the best of your vacation time.

Happy to Travel mission is to get you out of your comfort zone and put you in an exciting zone, where you will excitingly get in touch with the world thus with yourself.