10 Best Markets in Paris You Have to Visit

10 Best Markets in Paris You Have to Visit

France is a vibrant city par excellence thanks to its stunning cities. France is among the first tourist countries in the world, with huge numbers of tourist coming to visit its beauty all the year round. Paris is one of its excellent tourist attractions because of its different and various places that are worth visiting and best foods worth tasting. No doubt if you are planning to travel to Paris, you will consider buying some souvenirs for some of those close to you. You will certainly seek one or more Paris best markets; so you can manage your time and go directly to the best markets. Here you will be offered a gift even before travelling to Paris. Yeah this is to cite 10 best markets in Paris you have to visit.

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1. Marché d’Aligre

If you hate overcrowded markets, here is a great one for people like you. This is a market to enjoy secretly as it is less crowded though one of the greatest markets of Paris. The roadsides of this market are adorned with cafés offering unforgettable wine and coffee of course. You might have no idea about what to buy before stepping inside this market. However once you are inside you will find yourself buying or longing to buy some wonderful things. Don’t leave Paris before exploring this market.

2. Marché Bastille

This market is special indeed! It has a traditional charm stemming from the number of individuals, farmers and merchants coming to buy their products like eggs, fragrant herbs, cheese, breads and other sweet things that will take you back to some ancient beautiful and missed views. After walking around the whole market you surely will get tired; no worries there are some parks nearby where you can eat and comfortably sit.

3. Marché Dejean

This is a market to spend a colourful day and wonderful time. Colourful because of the seafood colours there. You will see almost all the seafood you know and don’t know. You better come in the morning and come hungry the smell will turn you stuffed.

4. Marché aux Fleurs et aux Oiseux

What do you expect to see in the city of romance and fashion? Of course exquisite perfumes, elegant fashion brands and also flowers and birds. The latters are what you will enjoy seeing and smelling (smell flowers of course) when in this market. It displays an array of flowers types and colours. Then move to have some funny moments with the singing birds there.

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5. Marché Saint-Germain

This market is one of the oldest markets in Paris, it can tell you about the birthday of all the markets there. Being old means one thing which is richness. This market is distinguished by the variety of products it has; flowers, food, meats and other things.

6. Marché Monge

The Latin quarter in Paris, this a place where you can eat prestigious and delicious food but if your wallet is wealthy. Though somehow expensive it is really one of the agreeable markets in Paris, it is also a historical and old place of this city.

7. Marché des Enfants Rouges

In the market of red children don’t think you will be meeting children with red skin or hair Lol. It was built in the same place where an orphanage used to stand in the 16th century. This a market of markets, How? In this market you will find every little thing you will be looking for why not if it is old, known by everyone hence rich in terms of products. Again come hungry.

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8. Marché Bourse

It is Located on the Place de la Bourse. This food market is one of the few markets to be opened in the afternoon, and one of the best markets in Paris. It is very convenient for local residents as well as for workers leaving many offices nearby. You also as a visitor can head there alone or with friends for some enjoyable moments.

9. Marché Biologique des Batignolles

Vegan people will highly respect this market. It is a market that looks fresher due to the enormous number of vegetables and fruits displayed in this market. You will feel like you are wondering in farm not a market, it is where the sweet and biological products of nature meet as well as some human being who overcrowd it.

10. Marché Belleville

This is an open-air food market to spend some good time while eating tasty food in a fresh air. It is also a market of local people selling their own products. This is where you can enjoy your time at a low price because of the reasonable prices of food as well as products.


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