15 Best Tourist Attractions in Paris

15 Best Tourist Attractions in Paris

If you have never been to Paris and you don’t dream about visiting the capital of France, then you probably got no idea about this astoundingly amazing land. It is the other way around? Do you dream about hitting the roads to Paris? But don’t know where to start and where to end? Good news; the city of love and romance is a travel destination par excellence. Generally, if you are a first-time traveller or a regular visitor to the city of lights you can always enjoy the top and best tourist attractions in Paris. There is no way not to visit; at least; most of them.

1. The Louvre

It’s right that there are many fascinating museums that are not the Louvre in Paris that said, the Louvre will always maintain its attracting power. It is more than a Parisian museum; with the fact that it tops the pyramid of the most visited museums in the world; it is an international museum. The Louvre museum was built in the Louvre place with a large glass and metal pyramid in front of it. The view it promises and the stories it tells about history make it a great tourist destination.

2. The Luxembourg Garden

One of the best picnic spots and most visited tourist attractions in Paris; is the Luxembourg Garden. This is a spot where many things can be leisurely done; you can picnic, exercise your favourite sport, or ramble with your loved one. The place will make your day thanks the fountains, orchards as well as playgrounds there. This is a spot not to miss and not to regret.

3. Eiffel Tower

Guess there is no need to define and boast this world’s most famous tourist attraction. Who on earth doesn’t know it? The Eiffel Tower is more than a tower; if you head to this setting you definitely will head to many Parisian sites at once. You can take a cruise on the Seine River, take a bus tour or enjoy a picnic on the Champs Mars in addition to other outstanding views, cafes and parks.

Eiffel Tower

4. Place de la Concorde

Between the Champs-Elysées and the Tuileries Gardens exists this mesmerizing square. As a historical public space, the architectural decors and fountains there are just fantastic. The shape of the Place de la Concorde is an octagon. It is decorated with magnificent statues which represent cities of France. The statues are eight in number and represent: Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes, Brest, Lille, and Strasbourg. Briefly, a visitor to France who has missed this monument definitely missed a lot about the history of France.

5. Disney Land in Paris

All your childhood memories can be found in Paris Disney Land which promises fun and games. It is 30km from Paris city centre. This theme park offers Parisians and tourists an array of different and enjoyable activities. Disney Land houses astonishing rides, kid’s parks, shopping places, hotels and other things which make it definitely one of the best tourist attractions in Paris.

Disney Land in Paris
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