The 15 Cheapest Countries to Visit for Budget Travel

The 15 Cheapest Countries to Visit for Budget Travel

Needless to say, that travel is one of the most beautiful things that extremely broaden your mind, get you out of your comfort zone; it’s a sweet solution to escape the daily routine, and a great way to be stress-free. However, many hesitate to travel if their travel budget is small. This sort of people certainly would never hesitate if they get to know about some secrets and tips to travel whatever their budget is. They wouldn’t be torn between travelling on a big budget and not travelling at all; they will not straddle the fence any longer if they find out these   Read on them to be a smarter traveller.

1. Thailand

In this so-called the land of smile, you will smile broadly because it is a country which will provide you with an inexpensive and memorable travel experience. You can enjoy the time spent on its iconic islands and many beach huts, without mentioning its rich culture, delicious cuisine and all these at low prices. You can also at a very affordable price rent a motorcycle to go along the beautiful tourist attractions in the country especially the splendid mountains and rich forests.


2. Uruguay

You might have been to Brazil and Argentina before and you are actually looking for a new or even better destination in the neighbouring if it is or it is not the case Uruguay is luckily a charming country for a limited budget. This is a place where you can find a delicious and healthy steak at a low price. There are also plenty of stunning beaches in this wonderful country like the Bolognese and the Colonia Del Sacramento.


3. India

India is one of the few countries where you can get so many memories, enjoy many tourist destinations and eat very well with a small budget. The amazing foods there; like Boris and the kebabs with its smell of stalls spread across the streets of Mumbai; are really irresistible. Your trip to India will not cost you so much if you are a good budget manager you can spend an unforgettable day and cost only 20 or 25$.

4. Greece

If this country is not already on your travel list put it down right now. This extraordinary tourist destination is seriously travel budget friendly, you have not to think twice, this a great country to head to if you are intending to save some money for your next travel, when saying it is one the cheapest countries for travel budget this doesn’t mean it is an unsafe country, it is totally the other way around. Greece is considering a difficult financial situation that is why the prices are lower than anytime else. Hence hurry and don’t worry this is a cool and great place to visit.

5. Vietnam

People from all walks of life can walk towards Vietnam; its super cheap prices and tremendous beautiful places warmly welcome tourists from all over the world; especially the destinations in the countryside they are just catching, for example, the waterways, rice fields and the outstanding beaches. You will spend a very good time with a very low budget especially in the north of the country.

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