Copyrighted Contents

It is important to note that we included no copyrighted content on our website. All comments seen on this website belong solely to the website users; hence there are no data that can be copyrighted. That said, if there is, in a way or another, a text or comment that offends you as a copyright holder we put at your disposal a service to request removing the copyrighted content only IN CASE:

  • You are you company is the copyright holder of content
  • You got the same URLs to the content in question
  • You hold the exact name (s) of the content in question
  • You use a verifiable email address when asking to remove a comment (e.g. address@yourname/yourcompany.com)

If it happens that your removal request complies with the pre-mentioned rules, please send a mail to the following address (while keeping things polite):contact@happy-to-travel.com. 

It is worth mentioning that comments or any other texts will be usually removed within 7 days, if they are complied with the above rules.