Meghan Markel & Prince Harry’s Baby Boy’s Name Predictions

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Monday, May 6 is the birthday of Meghan Markel and Prince Harry’s ideal love fruit; their ‘to die for’ baby finally came to the world after a week of said to be ‘late delivery’. The British family is extremely overwhelmed and overjoyed, why not if they have just received the recently married couple’s firstborn baby guest. Although the birth event didn’t take place as the Buckingham Duchess wanted as her home birth dream stayed a dream. The Duchess of Sussex wanted to keep everything related to her delivery secret; she must have forgotten that the royal family secrecy of such events; with the digital world; is almost impossible; especially when it comes to the birth of a new baby. What comes after delivery? Yep the name choice of the new royal arrival, if you are curious this is to tell you a bit about Meghan Markel & Prince Harry’s Baby Boy’s Name Predictions.


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The thrilled new parents have undoubtedly started thinking about; if not already chosen; the name of the Baby Sussex’s name. Let’s then guess the name of the new royal family member together!

There are actually no many different predictions; Arthur, Albert, Philip, James, Thor, and Marvin one of these traditional names is going to be the name of the new-born Buckingham Palace member; with the dreams of the Palace Duchess’s dreams, it’s always a maybe!

As far as the U.K. bookies Ladbrokes and Sports bet are concerned the name which is most likely flirting with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s minds is Arthur followed by Albert.


You wonder why Arthur? It is because it has since a long time ago been one of the traditional names of the British royal family. William Arthur Philip Louis; as must have been noticed it is the middle name of Prince William; it is also the middle name of Grandfather Prince Charles as well as his cousin Prince Louis. It is their first son and Arthur was the name of Queen Victoria’s third and preferred son.


Albert another name which has a considerable history in the British Royal Palaces; it is the name of Queen Victoria’s dearly loved husband; Prince Albert. Her love for her husband pushed her to include it to all her sons’ names and even her grandson, George V followed the tradition and made it a part of his three sons’ names.


Philip is one of the predicted names which have been picked by the followers of the royal family. It is the Baby Sussex’s parental grandfather name; Prince Philip.

For the other pre-mentioned names, all of them were predicted by social media’s fans of the royal family. Most of those predictions were personal and based on no Royal traditions or family ties. For example, George was said to be one of the most popular names in Britain nowadays. James, Marvin and Thor definitely have nothing to do with the British royal family’s predictions. Overall, it is this time somehow difficult to predict the name of the firstborn baby boy of Meghan Markel and Prince Harry; especially that he will have double nationality origins, an American and a British. Anyway, Wednesday will be the day when the royal couple declares the name of their beloved baby boy.  


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