Top 10 Picnic Spots in Paris

Picnic Spots in Paris

Who among us doesn’t adore going on picnics; especially summer ones? Chilling out requires exquisite and new spots to get better views and funny experiences. Many people tend to hate picnics simply because they are fed up with those boring picnic experiences at home. Try to go for a picnic when you travel; especially if you are breathing the Parisian air during your summer holiday. Paris is; par excellence; the city picnickers love because of the different and unique spots it was gifted. If you have some doubt about that; here are the top 10 picnic spots in Paris which will change any negative attitude about picnics.

1. Palace of Versailles

This is typically a place to go for picnic, to read, to get some Vitamin D, to take memorable shots and even more. The Palace of Versailles is one of the oldest and noblest palaces in France. It’s catchy beauty made a monument and a source of pride for French people in general and Parisians in particular. If you choose its gardens as your picnic spot in Paris, don’t miss its magical royal places.


The best place ever for a promenade, it is a uniquely beautiful landscape that will offer you the sweetest setting to spread your tablecloth and enjoy your lunch. Here you can also book a cruise, enjoy the music of the young talents who gather around the canal to play their musical instruments; imagine the ambiance; especially at night.


The Vert Galant Square is located at the western tip of the Ile de la Cité, and is famous as Henri IV. It is one of the stunning islands of the River Seine; it is somehow like the Palace of Versailles, as both settings allow you to enjoy different settings in their surroundings. The green landscape, the serene water and the different trees there all promise you a cool afternoon.


Another square, this time it is greener. This is also a royal place and the oldest place in Paris hence the most mythical place there. Its magic attracts a great number of people who love strolling and picnicking though the park is not really large. In addition to your lunch basket bring a book by Victor Hugo; he lived in the Place of Vosges.

5. Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

This is one of the outdoors that you will never forget; it gives you the feeling that you are surviving a movie. Spacious, rich, beautiful, quite, inspiring and other more adjectives will not accurately describe this relaxing park which is situated outside of Paris, exactly in Butte Bergeyre village. This is one of Paris heavens.

6. Parc Monceau

Here is another spot where almost everything is green and where extreme serenity exists. Monceau Park is not as crowded as the other top 10 picnic spots in Paris that are cited here, maybe because it is small and not having different places in the nearby to see. However it is perfect to enjoy your basket lunch in extreme quietness.

7. Bois of Boulogne

This is a great place to enjoy a long ramble either alone or with a loved one. It is also the best place for sport lovers and runners because this park is significantly huge to the extent that it looks like a forest. Its picturesque and wonderful lakes put it on the throne of the green spaces of Paris; here one can do all those beautiful Parisian picnic habits joyfully.

8. Les Jardins du Trocadéro

It is sweet and intelligent to take some sunny shots, quite to take some rest or even a nap though little bit crowded. Trocadero is a must to visit when you go to the Eiffel Tower, because it not any garden it is one of the spaces that give the Eiffel Tower its exceptional view and unmatched value. You can discover all its sides and places and after taking your delicious lunch, do also visit the aquarium it has.

9. Esplanade des Invalides

This spot is very nice for families or individuals because it is large, quiet and green. Sport is just more enjoyable in such a large space. If tired; it is not a big deal you still can enjoy your sandwich or you book, nothing in this spot will possibly ruin your calm time.

10. Parc de Sceaux

It got every little detail to be ideal sport for picnicking. Park of Sceaux is proudly the best place for a walk in Paris. A picnicker would also greatly enjoy the different trees that are standing there as testimonies of the greatness of this unique spot. It is also well known for the good number of palaces in the nearby; which makes it look like the park of palaces.


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