7 Popular Tourist Locations the World Has Lost over the Last 5 Years

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It is no doubt that every country is proud of the monuments and tourist locations it has. But the question that raises itself here is: what do we do to preserve our beautiful embodiments of history? Unfortunately, sometimes we do nothing than encouraging tourists to come to discover them; before they are gone forever. Over the past few years, the world witnessed the loss of various historical monuments and tourist attractions. Alas, the latest of the 7 popular tourist locations the world has lost over the last 5 years is very recent; that we are still under the effect of the shock.

1. Notre-Dame de Paris, France

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Just a few days ago, the whole world; especially France and most particularly the city of romance Paris, lost its beloved lady; Notre-Dame de Paris. As it is one of the most fortified and celebrated structures in the world; the burning of Notre-Dame was a real shock for everyone in every corner of the globe. The fire which took over the French Cathedral took over a rich history of literature, Gothic architecture and artwork.

2. Joshua Tree National Park, California

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January 2019; Joshua Tree National Park survived one of the most frightening nightmares which a park might survive; vandalism. The Park desert landscape was extremely unique; typically that it hosted rare in kind plants and gigantic jumbles of rock. Joshua Trees were the most damaged treasure in the park; some were cut down and others burnt down; unfortunately. Isn’t it sad that people damage natural spots which they; one day; enjoyed?  

3. Legzira Beach, Sidi Ifni, Morocco

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Legzira Beach is one of the most famous and stunning beaches in Morocco; the country of marvellous tourist attractions. This beach used to boast its pair of wonderful archways. However, in 2016 was the year when this beach lost some of its charm as one of the archways collapsed. Who’s to blame? According to the locals, the collapsed arc gave warnings but the lights were on and nobody’s home, the authorities did nothing to save Sidi Ifni Beach’s wonder.

4. Temple of Bel, Palmyra, Syria

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War doesn’t merely end humans’ life but kills also their historical embodiments. Palmyra, the Syrian city which is UNESCO World Heritage Site was the location of one of the most ancient religious temples in the world; the Temple of Bel. This temple turned to be mere two columns amid horrible destruction which the so-called the Islamic State of Iraq caused in 2015.

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