Top 10 beautiful beaches in Costa Rica

The Top 10 beautiful beaches in Costa Rica

Costa Rica! What comes to your mind when reading those two words ? Beaches! No I bet it was beautiful and great beaches. Yeah that’s unquestionably right as Costa Rica’s beaches are among the best beaches of Latin America. Its constantly warm water throughout the year is an unrivalled touristic attraction. With its attractive places occupying the two coasts Costa Rica’s beaches top the world’s best beaches. As two-thirds of the Costa Rican border is a coastal area, there are many Costa Rican beaches to explore. And let’s start now and get to know some little things about the Top 10 beautiful beaches in Costa Rica because words can’t really describe the magic of these beaches.

1. Playa Dominical

Playa Dominical is on south side of the Manuel Antonio Public Park by 30 miles, widely known as one of Costa Rica’s best beaches for surfing. A number of shops and surf camps have emerged to take advantage of their vibrant surroundings. But even if you do not practice surfing, you will love the green landscape, the night life, and the relatively busy beaches of Playa Dominical. It is the pearl of the south pacific coast.

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2. Nicoya Peninsula

 It is crystal clear that the Nicoya Peninsula is not just a beach from the beaches of Costa Rica. But the largest peninsula in Costa Rica which is surrounded by many wonderful sandbags; it deserves the list of the top ten beaches in itself. In addition to the most vibrant beach towns such as Montezuma, Tamarindo, Mal Pais and Nicoya where there are many of the Pacific beaches that are remote and therefore more relaxed; like: Playas Hermosa, Samara, Flamingo, Conchal and Playa Grande.

Nicoya Peninsula
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3. Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is not only one of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica alone and Playa Dominical but it is one of the best beaches of the whole world. Imagine: magnificent hump-shaped bays surrounded by white sand, sparkling green lush water, hilltops topped with forests and running falls. Swim and swim with your water mask, ride the waves, bluff, climb mountains, or slide over the mountains, but do not forget to relax and enjoy unforgettable sights, this is a real dream really.

Manuel Antonio
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