Top 10 best places to visit in Turkey

Top 10 best places to visit in Turkey

Turkey is; not probably but surely; one of the richest countries in the world thanks to its cultural, historical and geographical treasures. It is that country that you won’t leave easily because its beauty captures. Millions and millions of tourists consider it as their yearly favourite destination, and what makes it outstanding in its own way is the fact that you can hit the road towards it on different occasions of the year, why not if it is always stunning. So If you have never been to Turkey to discover how captivating it is and you still don’t know what are the best places to see there here are the top 10 best places to visit in Turkey.

1. The Wonderful Istanbul

I would rather call it the mythical city, as it is a city that has everything between its hands to be fabulous. Istanbul is the place where the East meets the West, a place where Asia hugs Europe. It got invaluable touristic treasures, making it one of the most popular touristic destinations to attract tourists. The building of Hagia Sophia is the most popular an stunning building in Istanbul, it went through an interesting journey, it was a church, then became a mosque and now a museum where you can find impressive paintings and drawings of Christianity near the prestige of Islamic minarets; in two words the museum is a bouquet of arts. Istanbul features dozens of hotels, shops, restaurants and delicious Turkish shawarma shops, it will take you on its narrow alleyways, you can walk on foot to the Galata Bridge or the majestic Blue Mosque with its elegant nightly minarets or you can book a hotel near the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Market and other places where you can smell luxury.

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Istanbul, Turkey

2. The Goreme

The area of ​​Goreme or the fairy chimney is also known as the Cappadocia Valley in the center of Turkey. It is a famous tourist destination which is surrounded by beauty, magic and mystery. Tourism here differs from Istanbul. There are no luxury hotels and sunny beaches. Goreme National Park is one of the most vital touristic areas in Goreme. A trip to the nature reserve can be made at a cost of 20 lira for a tour of several hours. You can also go for camping to spend some unforgettable nights in the wonderful valleys, including the Valley of Love, Wadi Hamam and Wadi Roses, and hearths goblins that locals believed to be the jinn and goblins housing. Overall, Goreme is for those who adore to discover different; and sometimes scary; things.

3. Izmir

Izmir is located on the west coast of Turkey, one of the most important and largest cities in the country. It is characterized by its monuments, hotels and lively markets. The corniche area is the largest centre for family gatherings and for hiking and recreation. The corniche is 4 km away and is surrounded by great restaurants, cafes and hotels. The charming view there is ideal for pleasant summer evenings. The city’s Alsancak district is famous for its luxury and expensive hotels and distinctive markets, especially the shops for brides and weddings, where the old bazaar called “Kimeralta” which includes dozens of shops selling jewellery and accessories in addition to vegetable markets, fish, spices and handicrafts. Izmir gives you all what you will be looking for as a tourist.

4. Antalya

Antalya is not only one of the best places to visit in Turkey but also one of the world’s excellent touristic destinations; it is ranked third after Paris and London as one of the most popular destinations visited by millions annually. Antalya is distinguished by the multiple and various leisure activities and hotels. Its nature as well as markets and closed museums mark it a gorgeous place to live in and travel to regularly. The magnificent Roman history and monuments and ancient mosques all gather to make it worth visiting and worth of the big fuss made about it; if you don’t think so then go to see th magnificent view of the marina and the sea, most notably the prestigious Hadrian Gate, as well as dozens of shops selling handicrafts and cafes with balconies that are open to the harbour; to name a few.

5. Bursa

Bursa is about three and a half hours south of Istanbul. It is said that its name means “gift of God”. It can actually be a piece of paradise on the earth. The city of Bursa is characterized by its romantic atmosphere and its friendly people. The heart of the old city dates back to 1400. It has 20 wonderful domes, marble fountains and Seljuk-style decorations. It is close to the Green Mosque; another beautiful and unmatched monument. If you are passionate about shopping Kosa Han Market is your place, it one of the ancient markets where caravans passed through. The market is of two floors, the ground floor features a number of cafés that are tree-shaded, offering delicious Turkish coffee, while the second floor contains dozens of shops selling fabrics, silk and handicrafts which you can’t miss.

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