Top 10 cities to visit in France

Top 10 cities to visit in France

Although stunning and charming; Paris might be overshadowed by other beautiful French cities. Millions of tourists flock to France every year for the sake of exploring its different and fabulous cities. Many people prefer to book a hotel in the French capital to enjoy a holiday of dreams, which is wonderful and especially for the first visits to France. Others go for other scenic areas and cities in France that you may have never heard about before, charming cities with amazing natural scenery to escape from summer heat and ingestion D congestions and bustle in the famous and large French cities. So here are Top 10 cities to visit in France.

1. Montpellier

The city of Montpellier is located in the south of France. It has all that it takes to be a touristic destination par excellence. It is suitable for family, youth or honeymoon trips. This youth and student city has many cultural museums, beautiful palaces, olive groves and grapes. “Saint Lob” is one of the most famous activities here. Adventurers take off the rough roads and narrow paths up to the top of the mountain to enjoy a panoramic view of Montpellier and the Mediterranean Sea. The city also offers fun for young people at the Mare Nostrum Aquarium; the “Botanical Garden” is an outlet for tranquillity in a beautiful garden set up by a medical school. The garden offers a variety of therapeutic aromatic plants, fruit trees and charming flowers.

2. Strasbourg

The city of Strasbourg, the charming East of France, is one of the most important historical and archaeological cities in the country. The city is located on the German border. It is distinguished by its impressive buildings, important museums and beautiful churches. The city has the largest mosque of Muslims in France. With its old wooden houses and narrow alleys interspersed with bridges and canals. Shops, restaurants and cafés are abundant on the pavement. The Notre Dame Strasbourg Cathedral is the most important religious landmark in the city. It is where serenity and adventures smoothly meet.

3. Saint-Jean-de-Luz

The city of Saint-Jean-de-Luz is one of the quietest tourist cities in the south-western part of France, close to the Spanish border. The old town has a lot of charm and beauty through the old decorated houses that are open to the sea fantastic views and fishing boats on the beautiful harbour. The car-free city, Saint-Jean-de-Luz has its charming and quiet sandy beaches that are among the most beautiful beaches of France, with golf courses, resorts and luxury spa centres. Briefly; if you are seeking comfort spend some days inn Saint-de-Luz.

4. Paris

The Capital Paris is the largest city in terms of population in France, located on the banks of the River Seine in the northern part of the country. The city of romance, the city of fashion and the city of yummy desserts these are some of the distinctive things which Paris strongly and proudly possess. There are many tourist places which draw attention to Paris from all around the world. The city of lights is where you can see beauty in all its details, where the streets are paved with gravel, trees are everywhere and the wonderful monuments are beautifully displayed around the city. If you are thirsty for enjoyment and entertainment this city got it all for you due to the large number of restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping centres and boutiques there. Never think about what you can do in this stunning city as there are plenty of things to do in Paris. 

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