Top 10 Desserts to Eat in Paris

Top 10 Desserts to Eat in Paris

If you are a lover of yummy desserts and sweets then book for France and exactly Paris for your next trip. French people have always been known for their sophistication in the culinary industry; they are the world leaders in this realm. Who in the world doesn’t know about Les Macarons? Who has never tasted Le Petit Pain? If you are this person then you missed the world’s most delicious sweets. Here is a chance to know about the top 10 desserts to eat in Paris, in case you think of spending some exciting time in the French capital.

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1. Les Macarons

Almond four, sugar and egg whites; guess what my name is! Yep that’s me the macarons. I am a French sweet which confirms that the French are the leaders of cuisine. My eater becomes completely convinced that the French culinary industry got a unique creative sense and its sweets taste very special. Les Macarons are in fact that sweet in their taste and sweetest in their exciting colours. In Paris, you can satisfy your love for macarons in the world-famous pastries Ladurée and Pierre Hermé.

2. Les Madeleines

Of all the candies you have eaten before this could be the best, the Madeleine cake is the different one. It is a sweet which is small in size, in the form of a shell. You can easily figure out the professionally baked one if you know that the lighter Madeleine is the best in shape and taste. In Paris, you can see it all over the city, piled behind the glass in the candy stores. Despite its spread, it was widely accepted that the delicacy of the pastry shop, which he has done so brilliantly to be more fragile, is Fabric Le Bourdat’s Blé Sucré.

3. La Tarte Tatin

American kitchen accidents have yielded the invention of some of the masterpieces of cooking, such as potato chips, cornflakes. In French culinary industry, as the legend says, the sisters Stephanie and Caroline accompanied one of the hotels, making some mistakes, which led to the misjudgement of the timing of the caramel work, to come out with tasty Tartar. Though traditionally spoken, it is considered a luxurious image of a simple apple pie, and Tarte Tatin is now prepared using many other fruits such as pear and peach. You literally must not miss tasting this dessert.

4. Mille Feuille

And who doesn’t know it? The most popular type of dessert, the simplest in taste is the Mille Feuille. However, you can’t help it, you can only handle it with some of its parts scattered around you in an amazing way, while others are fall on the street seat where you are, because you can’t wait to come in home to eat it. You maybe can’t make a mistake about how this dessert is made, but if you want to taste some specially baked Mille Feiulle, you should try the Mille Feiulle of Paris.

5. Local custard with caramel (Cream Brulet)

The British, the French and the Catalans are demanding the creative rights of the honorable chef Brulet. Although these three parties are now preoccupied with more pressing issues than the origins of dessert recipes after Britain’s exit from the EU, France’s position appears to be the strongest since it is on almost every dessert list in the country. For a tasteful and traditional experience, try Le Potager du Père Thierry in Montmartre, north of Paris.

6. Les Mendiants

Although sometimes its spontaneous shape might invite you to laugh at it, don’t hesitate to eat it too, it is yummy, really. The four classic classes (raisins, hazelnuts, almonds and figs) that are placed above the chocolate in the Mendiants blend are the four religious orientations of ancient France (Dominican, Franciscan, Augustian, and Carmelite). Now France may reflect the most secular, and dried fruits. À la Mère de Famille is the oldest chocolate shop in Paris that offers one of the finest Mendiants.

7. Le Crème Caramel

The cream can be considered caramel from the same family as the Brulee cream, but with the replacement of the coarse surface, slightly burnt to the Brulee cream with a softer surface and contain the sugar and delicious taste of caramel cream. Many praise the cream of Caramel located in the shops of the capital of beauty, Paris.

8. Les Canelés

Les Canelés are a specialty of the French city of Bordeaux. On the inside is the soft custard, covered with a hard shell of vanilla and sweet vanilla caramel, although it can be eaten with breakfast, lunch or dinner and is perfectly suited to a cup of tea or wine. One of the best places to taste in Paris is the Lemoine restaurant.

9. La Mousse au Chocolat

It is a very traditional French dessert, the chocolate mousse, melting and airy, takes its recipe from the famous painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. The latter, who dubbed it “chocolate mayonnaise”, had no idea that he was starting a long series of variations on the recipe for chocolate mousse. Surprise you taste sense by the fabulous taste of this sweet dessert when in Paris.

10. Les Isphahans

Oops don’t get confused! These are not Macarons. This dessert got flavors of raspberries, lychees roses and other fresh fruit flavors. This dessert is unique in its own way, you want like stop eating it. Paris can give different colours and flavours to fall in love with.


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