Top 10 Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Top 10 Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Managing one’s own finances, booking the cheapest flight possible, packing bags; these are the most important and random things that all people do when intending to travel, but is there anything else to do rather than these know-by-everyone things? Absolutely yeah, one of the most important things to think about is your destination. What to do when reaching that destination? What are the activities that you can enjoy there, what places and monuments to visit and so on? What about visiting Paris, the city of romance and lights! Unquestionably, it’s a city whose fame is having echoes everywhere. It is a city that inspires love, happiness, romance, literature and other outstanding things. If you have never been to Paris and you wonder why it is so famous and inspiring. Here are some –yeah- just some of the things that inject it with magic. Here you read on exactly about the top 10 romantic things to do in Paris.

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1. New York Times Square, Paris Concorde

It’s surely a worth time place to visit in Paris and spend some romantic moments. It is situated at the end of Champs Elysées. Curiosity should drive you to this place to see where hundreds of people were executed during France’s grisly Reign of Terror, maybe you will be the next guillotined; just kidding; this is to tell that it is a historical place par excellence, it is worth a walk, don’t miss its charm.

2. Sunset Outstanding Views

All the views that nature draws are charming, but sunset views got it all. Parisian sunsets would definitely make your rambles in Paris unforgettable, they are heart catching indeed, and they are so much romantic. You can find various spots from where to watch the Parisian sunset for example when in the River Seine; especially when the river’s water starts dancing with the colors of the sunset, the red and orange.

3. Try a Parisian Fragrance

Not only the capital of France, not only the capital of romance, not only the capital of love; Paris is also the capital of style, fashion and exotic perfumes. Let’s stop at the latter, no one should dare to belittle Paris’s perfumes’ charm. They are irresistible, maybe the secret of Parisian and French women stylish elegance. If you are visiting Paris –be generous don’t be greedy- and buy your lover a perfume that may be the cause for falling in love with them again, who knows!

4. Paris Mythical Cinema Houses

Cinéma du Panthéon, La Pagode, Le Champo and other names other historic and intriguing cinemas in Paris. These and other movie theatres of Paris will both take you back to the old times of the film industry and help you understand and get immersed in the nowadays’ culture and society of Paris. Take your lover with you to enjoy a cosy cinema house on a romantic day.

5. Visit Paris Prestigious Chocolate Shops

Paris is definitely one of the most famous cities by its chocolate industry. It offers a variety of the best types of chocolate, thanks to the best artisanal chocolate makers in the chocolate industry. They create different chocolate shapes and tastes. It also has traditional ways to make chocolate for lovers of the original taste; Paris has the best dark chocolate that can be obtained from the most famous chocolate shops in Paris. Some of them have prohibitive prices, but it is often the price to pay for an exceptional product… La Maison Du Chocolat, Patrick Roger, Jaen Paul Hevin are some of the famous chocolate shops in Paris that will steal your heart and money.

6. Pique-nique in Paris

Paris, this historical city, is among the most delightful and beautiful cities in the world where international fashion designs and other arts smoothly meet. Paris has a distinguished French culture that makes it a city dedicated only to lovers of life. If you pay this wonderful city a visit get the best of its beauty and go on an evening picnic, there are some outstanding and perfect spots for that like the Champs de Mars; a park where you will be just in front of the Eiffle Tower.

7. The wall of Love in the City of Love

The wall of love in the capital of love, maybe there is no place in the world that can help you feel the love that Paris gives you; especially its wall of love where you will find “I love you” written in almost 300 different languages. The wall is in a small park in the heart of Montmartre, where tourists and Parisian people meet to exchange love in many languages. Don’t hesitate to be one of them.

The wall of love in Paris

8. Sumptuous Dinner at Le Grand Vefour Restaurant

You can’t simply hit the road towards Paris without planning to have dinner at one of its splendid restaurants. The French meals are having a global reputation because of their yummy taste. Le Grand Vefour is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Paris that mix between the traditional and the modern kitchen. You won’t resist its elegant furnishing and delicious meals.

9. Visit the Rodin Museum

Anyone looking for some peaceful time to talk and ponder upon arts should visit the Rodin Museum in Paris. You can enjoy both the inside as well as the outside areas of the Museum; especially the sculptures that are located throughout the catching landscape of a park there. Nothing to prevent you from going there knowing that you will spend just 2 € to get in the Rodin Museum.

10. Cruise Tour along the Seine River

Dedicate one of your Parisian days to enjoy a romantic moment, book a cruise and go for a tour along the Seine River accompanied by a glass of champagne. You will enjoy a superb view and will be able to take incredible pictures of the Eiffel Tower from the river and other monuments.


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