Top 10 Things to Do in Dubai

Top 10 Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai; is maybe the most famous city in the Middle East. This city’s fame is stemmed from its both historical and modern attractions. The city is in its own way different; its surprises for its visitors never end. It is deemed as the capital of shopping in the Middle East so it definitely ensures ideal shopping experiences for the tourists they come to visit it from all over the world. This is a place that ostentatiously inspires and impresses its visitors; especially through these top 10 things to do in Dubai.

1. The Skyscraper Burj Khalifa

Visiting Dubai definitely implies hurrying to see the most famous tourist place in UAE and the tallest building in the entire world with a height of 828 meters. Within this Burj you can enjoy doing multiple exciting things like booking in a 5 stars hotel, shopping from the most privileged shops in Dubai, eat in glorious restaurants and before leaving go the floor 124, it is a public observation platform that allows you to see the whole of Dubai from a balcony; the view will leave you speechless.

The Skyscraper Burj Khalifa

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2. The Palm Islands

A place or an islands that are unbelievably fantastic; if it is your first time to see it you won’t have words to describe its charm to your friends; you might manage to say only waaw! In addition to the splendid landscape, there you will also enjoy the luxurious hotels there and have a unique shopping experience throughout the 200 shops out there. It’s the pride for all Emirates people.

The Palm Islands in Dubai

3. Jumeirah Beach

The sun in Dubai is thirst triggering. It will inspire you to look for a beach to chill for a while. Don’t think a lot; Jumeirah beach will guarantee you the best chilling time ever why not if it is the best beach in one of the most famous and fantastic cities of in the world.

4. Head to Dubai Mall

It is the first mall to be built in Dubai. However, it doesn’t mean it is the less attractive one. If you pay it a visit, either alone or with your family, it will mark your experience in Dubai. The mall has an entry to two outstanding and catching places in Dubai; Burj Khalifa and Dubai aquarium.

5. Dubai Aquarium

It is significantly one of the greatest tourist attractions in Dubai, why not if it is a place where everybody has blast; as inside the aquarium, there are 140 sea species to which you can’t turn a blind eye before seeing the overwhelming majority of it. Standing in front of the aquarium gives the visitors the feeling like they are living with those species which prevent them from leaving the place before spending more than the time planned for the aquarium.

Dubai Aquarium

6. Burj Al Arab

Now that you have visited the tallest building in the world, don’t miss booking in the tallest hotel in the world; I said Dubai is full of surprises. Imagine that you are in a room whose window is open to the entire city, no don’t image go and book one there if your credit card is wealthy and healthy enough. The experience will have its own beauty as the hotel is 321 high.

7. Dubai Opera

It is not modern, it is more than modern oh no! It is modernity itself. It is really an unusual monument ocated in the centre of Dubai. It always ensures the tourists of the city unforgettable evenings thanks to the splendid concerts it offers. It consists of an indoor and outdoor theatre, a reception and art’s hall, a ballet hall, folklore parties, an art museum and a huge hotel serving visitors from all over the world.

8. Dubai Dancing Fountains

If you got a musical ear and a dancing body don’t miss dancing with the fountains of Dubai they might be a good dance coach; kidding. The dancing fountains are the twins of the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas as they were created by the same team. You merely will have to sit in one the beautiful cafés nearby the fountains and enjoy the shows while sipping your coffee you surely will ask for a lot of cups.

9. Desert Safari

If you are looking forward to going on a unique trip in the heart of a certain you will have different choices in front of you on the map but nothing compares to the Arabian adventure in the desert. Dubai’s desert provides you with trained and professional guides, who can take you in an expensive to explore the golden sand of the desert and its heart where you can sit in a Bedouin tent, enjoy purely Arabic and yummy food, put Arabic makeup and other surprising things.

10. Dubai Ski

What if one the natives invites you for as ski time in Dubai; the sunny city; would you believe it? Yep do believe it as you were from the very beginning told that Dubai is the mother of surprises. The mall of Emirates has within it the largest ski indoor slope in the world. Head there to enjoy a unique and unprecedented skiing, snowboarding and other winter experiences in summer.

Dubai Ski


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