Top 10 Things to Do in Havana

Top 10 Things to Do in Havana

If Camila Cabello’s half of heart is in Havana, you will leave all your heart there when you visit it. Don’t take it wrong if you are single, the city doesn’t give partners as gifts to its visitors, it gives them exclusive memories. Cuba’s capital’s roots are deeply rooted in history it is the kind of cities that will capture your heart and make your imagination overflows. Its enchanting architecture that dates back to the colonial era tells a lot about its rich history. Briefly; this city is a thief of hearts it got a good number of things to do in it, and here are the top 10 things to do in Havana.

1. Go to Playas Del Este Beach

If you are planning to visit Havana and wondering about the gorgeous beaches to spend some time with toes between the sand, then Playas Del Este beach is the right place for a good sunny day. This beach’s atmosphere is so much relaxing and full of fun at once. You will enjoy its beautiful and catching sand and water. It is seriously the best beach to go to if you are tired of the hustles and bustles of life, you can find there anything that comes to your mind; a relaxing massage, sweet drinks, exciting music, tourist from all over the world and other things. The sweetest news here is that there are some easiest and cheapest ways to get to Playas Del Este beach.

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2- Explore Old Havana

La Habana Vieja or old Havana is the city-centre of Havana. It is one of the UNESCO’S world heritage sites, which simply means that it has a cultural and historical significance. Actually, Havana Vieja is where you can smell the history of Spanish architecture. Go walking through its narrow and beautifully built streets. Enjoy the mottled walls and take some pictures next to them you will look beautiful. And if you are a smoker you surely will hurry to buy some hand-rolled Cigars from the women in white there.

3. Gran Teatro

Gran Teatro is located near the capital. It is one of the most beautiful buildings around José Martí Square that you can access for just 5CUC. The building’s facades is outstanding, and if you want to completely admire this theatre invite yourself to go up the evening on the rooftop of the Kempinski hotel where you will have a superb view and sunset. You can also enjoy ballets and concerts it would be an extremely funny and enjoyable thing.

4. Sip Coffee in Fortuna Joe Café

This is an enthralling place that will make you feel like you are chilling for the first time. A café not to forget for the rest of your life; the food and drinks they offer are excellent although cheap, the decor is heart catching and the service is very professional. In a nutshell it is a phenomenal place that you will wish to visit again and again.

5. Discover the Museum of Hemingway

Undoubtedly, all the readers and the lovers of the American novelist Ernest Hemingway know about the intimate love story that this writer had with Cuba and most importantly with the charming Havana. His love for it didn’t come out of anything it is an inspiration source. That is why you have to pay the house of this writer in Havana a visit. After the Castro revolution, he donated his house to the Cuban people, who after turned it into a museum called Museo Hemingway. It is a museum that inspires and injects in the visitors a passion for literature.

6. Plaza de la Cathedral

When visiting Habana Vieja don’t forget to dedicate some time for the Plaza de la cathedral that is situated exactly in the old town of Havana. Crowded places are always worth visiting, Plaza de Cathedral is one of these places; it is the most famous area in Havana hence a very busy square. It is a beautifully peaceful and really lovely place to go to and get some shots near its massive stone and ceiling walls.

7. Miramar District

The Miramar district has a great touristic value for Cuba. It is a special place in the hearts of tourists. It is distinguished by its distinctive buildings ranging from foreign embassies and international shops offering international brands as well as others that offer purely local brands.

8. The Castle of Three Kings

The Castle of the Three Kings is one of the most enchanting tourist spots in Havana. It is known by its historical and cultural buildings which date back to the 16th century. It enjoys a privileged location near Havana Bay and within the military park there. In the past, the castle a building to protect the rest of the city from pirates, but now it has become a vital tourist attraction because of its buildings which embody the beauty of the architectural art.

9. Paseo del Prado Havana Street

It is one of the most popular streets in Havana because of the good number of cinemas, historic museums and many attractive things that genuinely attract thousands of tourists to Havana. The buildings of the street are distinguished by their unparalleled design and architecture. The street is beautifully paved with stones and adorned with many splendid and tall trees on both sides. You can easily find a luxurious hotel to spend some great nights there especially thanks to the delicious food its restaurant serves as most of Havana’s restaurants are having a unique reputation for their tasty food and great presentation.

10. Go on a Picnic

Havana is characterized by the myriad number of fascinating gardens it has. And each garden s beautiful on its own way but they all can guarantee you an unforgettable picnic because of the authentic fun each one of them provides, for example; Havana Zoo, Lennon Park and Botanical Garden they are really ideal places where friendly tourists and local people meet to lay on the green grass while enjoying nature.


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