Best Ways you can sleep for Free on your Travels

Ways you can sleep for Free on your Travels

All globetrotters are constantly looking for ways to keep their trips different in terms of experiences and challenges, sometimes small things can make the biggest difference. Ordinary travels are good but not as exciting as those which are full of new experiences and challenges. For example, booking a hotel room to stay in and sleep in while travelling out is not an unbreakable rule. Have you ever wondered about ways to keep your wallet rich even after travelling? It must be so; there are plenty of tips to wander on travel on a budget without missing fun. Booking in hotels is undoubtedly one of the things which travellers find exy. Therefore; you have to think about trying these great and best ways you can sleep for free on your travels.

1. Couchsurfing

Let’s start with the cheapest, the easiest and the coolest way. Couchsurfing is getting social with the local people of the tourist destination you have chosen. The site is meant to help you virtually meet your hosts before meeting them in real life. It easily works; all it takes is that you create a profile, fill in your personal identity information, and tell them a bit about your life in general, your travel experiences as well as your life philosophy. If you wonder why all that; simply to help your host to get to know you better hence trust you more.

2. Belodged

The way Belodged works is as smooth as you would like your travel experience to be. It requires that you sign up to be a Belodged member; the site asks for a few information about you merely your email address and some indications about your geographical location. Once you are a member; you will be able to get in touch with other members who are ready to give you free accommodation for your next travel. Here you are eligible to get free accommodation if you agree to host another traveller when you are home; a way of exchange.

3. TrustedHousesitters

This is your site if you are constantly travelling. For just 119$ a year; you will be able to visit astonishing places around the world without worrying about the high cost of hotels there. Members of TrustedHousesitters find it very easy to find and to be trusted by a family who is willing to be away from home hence looking for a sitter to take care of their pets, gardens and anything related to owners home safety. The amazing thing about this way to sleep for free on your travels is the possibility to get a long time staying period for free.

4. WorldPackers

Skilled and highly skilled people should no longer bother their wallets to pay hotels high prices. WorldPackers website offers travellers who got a skill the opportunity to exchange their skills with hosts in the different parts of the world. Hosts could be NGOs, Eco projects, hostels and homestays. As a world packer is invited to get free accommodation and sometimes food in exchange for your skills and what you can do.

5. Trustroots

The overwhelming majority of globetrotters love meeting new people and make new friends all over the world. Trustroots makes your dream to travel and build new friendships and connections very true. Moreover to that, it helps you meet trustworthy people who got like your mind-set and are travel seekers just like you are. Using this platform enables travellers to meet people who are ready to host them in their locations for free and in addition to that they are people who will help you to find out about the best places where to hitchhike, what sites to visit and just everything which would turn your trip more enjoyable.

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