10 World Legendary festivals you don’t want to miss

10 World Legendary festivals you don’t want to miss

As a globetrotter; whatever is your cultural background you will always enjoy the celebrations of other cultures. Seekers of fun times and cultures exploring must start with festivals. Around the world; there is an enormous number of festivals taking place in different part of the world. Each festival has its own story, ambiance, time, and cultural meaning. But the common point between many world amazing festivals is that all of them promise fun and joy time to their visitors. Attending the festivals of the country you are planning to visit would be a great idea; especially if you are traveling at a limited budget.

1. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Almost every country has its own carnival but don’t think there is a one that can match Rio de Janeiro carnival in its unique and mesmerizing ambiance. The carnival got a nice worldwide fame to the extent that it catches the heads of an overwhelming number of visitors from different part of the world. Media outlets’ attention is also drawn by to this amusing festival like The New York Times. This Carnival is well-known especially for Samba dancing, costumes with vibrant colours in addition to the impressive parades and performance: all of which will help you smoothly sink in the Brazilian traditions and customs.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival

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